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Full-service audio, video and digital products

The Digital Record is devoted to the development of quality education products for your organization. Our commitment is to provide exceptional products and reasonable prices with outstanding service. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We want you to be proud of your event products for years to come.

The Digital Record has served organizations and businesses in the conference supporting industry for more than 30 years. Each of our directors is highly educated and experienced in their respective fields and brings together a broad range of professionalism, innovation and dedication to excellent products.

With customer service as a priority, The Digital Record offers full-service audio, video and digital products at a competitive cost as well as conference product support including recording, graphic design, packaging and fulfillment. We customize services to meet each organization’s unique needs for product development and marketing, whether you need one copy, one thousand copies, or more.

The Digital Record offers complete audio/visual/video services for general & scientific sessions and breakout rooms, including sound, projection, stage design, video recording, IMAG, and digital signage.

The Digital Record serves many key industries such as medicine, education, IT and others. We have serviced conferences throughout North America as well as internationally in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Israel.

We are pleased to serve you and strive to exceed your expectations!